5 Steps to an Amazing Diamond Engagement Ring Photo Shoot

If you are just engaged, and you have that diamond engagement ring on your finger, you probably want to share the wonderful news with your family, friends, and the world. You also want to keep a memory of that golden moment, right?

For a fact, nothing will give you exactly what you want better than an amazing diamond engagement ring photo shoot. An engagement ring photo shoot might not be like your normal post-workout or mirror selfies you are quite familiar with. It is something special; it is one that should be taken with the seriousness it deserves. In simple terms, it is a sacred affair.

If you want to get the photo just right, follow the following simple steps, you will thank yourself later;

1. Have the Right Lighting

For any photo shoot, lighting is everything. Despite the fact that man has developed adequate lighting, mother nature has given us the best source of light that will result in the best of the best pictures; sunlight.

If you want people to have a perfect glimpse of your cozy diamond engagement ring, consider outdoor photography. Do it in a natural setting, where sunlight is in plenty. However, make sure you watch out for shadows, they might destroy your perfect memory.

2. Thoroughly do your nails

Although the ring is what everyone would love to see, nobody wants to see disappointing hangnails. If surprise caught you and you have to go for a photo shoot with your undone nails, make sure you hold hands with your fiancé and ensure they are framed out, but remember, the ring must be visible.

3. Choose an exciting and a unique background

If you want your diamond engagement ring photo to grab much attention, consider scouting for a background that is exciting and out of the ordinary. A natural one with beautiful flowers, charming rock formation, or a river with blue waters can be a remarkable choice. If you choose an indoor photo shoot, why not try a patterned pillow as the backdrop of your photo?

4. Anchor the diamond ring

Well, all people want to see is the ring. Apart from your fingers, it is the major center of attention. Therefore, ensure the camera captures the most astounding qualities of the engagement ring in all perfect angles.

5. A flattering pose will be great…

Make sure you relax your fingers. If you can’t add a great prop, consider resting your hands on your fiancé’s arm, or on something great like a beautiful purse. All in all, ensure your pose is flattering and can attract as much attention as you possibly need.

Still wondering how you will take that memorable diamond ring engagement photo shoot? Well, make these steps your best friend. You will never go wrong in your quest. Cheers!