Amazing Photographs At Your Hotel Resort Wedding

If you have your heart set on tying the knot at a luxurious resort, simply continue reading to discover few gorgeous hotel or resort locations, which make great backdrops for your wedding photography.

Have you thought of the beach? If you choose to exchange your vows at a beach side resort, it’s well worth hiking up your wedding dress or suit trousers, in order to take romantic wedding photos on the beach.

As an example, you may want to ask your wedding photographer to take a photo of yourself and your new spouse holding hands, facing the ocean.

If your chosen resort boasts a beautifully maintained garden, you may want to seriously consider hosting your post wedding ceremony photo shoot in your resort’s garden. As an example, you may want to get a photograph of yourself kissing your new spouse in front of a water features such as a waterfall or a pond.

Are you ready for the ballroom wedding? If you choose to host your wedding ceremony or reception in an elegant hotel ballroom, it’s well worth taking photographs posing underneath a crystal chandelier.

Alternatively, if you’re a keen dancing, you may want to get your photographer to take a photo of you and your spouse waltzing across the ballroom. If you plan to host your wedding at a resort, chances are that your chosen resort will boast an ornate, majestic staircase.

Which can double as the perfect backdrop for a romantic photograph. Just ensure, that there aren’t any guests walking up or down the staircase, when you go in for a romantic kiss.

Some resorts, especially destination resorts, boast small wedding chapels. Even if you choose to host your nuptials in a resort ballroom or garden, you may want to pose for a quick photo outside your resort’s chapel.

Most resorts feature palatial looking buildings, so it’s well worth posing for a photograph outside the main building of your chosen resort. Which is also an ideal location to take group shots of your wedding party.

You can’t go wrong getting a few photos of yourself and your new spouse enjoying a glass or two of champagne, overlooking a gorgeous scenic view on the balcony.

So if you have your heart on choosing a hotel or resort as your wedding venue, simply refer back to the list above, for your wedding photography inspiration. The above locations could be the best locales for every hotel resort wedding.