Capturing Your Limo Ride Is A Key Element of Your Wedding Photography

If you’re in the process of planning your big day and are looking to hire a professional photographer, it’s well worth talking to your chosen photographer about capturing your limo ride to the altar. Or your first limo ride to your hotel as newlyweds.

Here are a few tips on capturing stunning wedding photos during your limousine ride to the altar.

Make sure to ask for photographs of you stepping into your limousine. The first shots your photographer should take, should be of you and your bridal party hopping into your luxury limousine. So that you have exterior shots of your limo.

Ensure that your photographer rides with you and your bridal party. When hiring a limo rental service, ensure that you choose a limo that has enough room for your photographer as well as your bridal party.

They will be able to take plenty of photos which will show all the emotions that you’ll go through, on your way to the altar. Such as any excitement or nerves which will be on display.

Your photographer will also be able to take stunning photos of your dress, sprawled out on the seat of your limo and you and your bridal party enjoying pre wedding glasses of champagne.

When you arrive at your venue, let your photographer get out first. When you arrive at your destination, let your photographer get out to take photos of you and your bridal party exiting your limo. As your arrival at your chosen venue, is one of the key moments of your wedding day.

Ask your photographer to take extra shots of your limo pulled up outside your venue. Whether you are tying the knot at a vineyard, a church or a hotel, it’s well worth getting your chosen photographer to take photos of your limo outside your venue.

Also consider documenting your guests journeys to your wedding. If you’re considering hiring a party bus rental service, to transport your guests to your wedding venue, it’s all well worth hiring a secondary photography, to capture photos.

As it will be nice to look back at how excited your family members and close friends were to see you exchange vows, with your spouse.

Make sure to get photos taken as you leave your wedding reception. If you plan on hiring a limo to pick you and your spouse up at the end of your reception, make sure your wedding photographer is still at hand, to document your departure.

So if you’re currently organizing wedding photography, ensure to talk to your chosen photographer about capturing your limo ride, to your venue.