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Deidra Wilson PhotographyOf all the Las Vegas wedding photographers Deidra Wilson may be one of the most unique. Her carefree attitude puts her at ease with her clients and allows her to lose herself in providing them with the best Las Vegas wedding photography money can buy.

Many wedding photographers in Las Vegas, Nevada are less skilled and less famous than Deidra Wilson is. Unfortunately her skills do not include wedding videography so couples looking for a wedding videographer in Nevada will have to look elsewhere.


Deidra Wilson Photography

Services Offered:


This Las Vegas wedding photographer makes it a point to offer her signature wedding packages to couples. To find out if her rates make her prices affordable, couples will need to contact Deidra Wilson. Regardless of the services a couple wants Deidra does top quality work on all if it. She offers a la carte service such as the printing of pictures and suggestions for framing those pictures.

With each couple she works with Deidra makes it a point to go over the list of shots they want completed on their wedding day. This way she prevents anything from being overlooked when the big day finally arrives. Couples can choose to have her on site for the entire day or for as little as two hours.

Why to Choose Them:


The thing that makes Deidra Wilson Photography stand out from all other photography services is that she takes the time to edit each picture by hand. This is a painstaking process that she will complete perfectly every time. Since she does all of her own work she personally delivers the finished product to local couples; with an average turn -around time of two weeks following the wedding.

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