Tips To Make Your Wedding Cake Photography Session Memorable

The cake cutting session is one of the most enjoyable parts of the wedding reception. If you have decided to add this time-honored tradition to your big day, it’s important to make sure that you get the most out of it.

And, what better way to do so than taking great photos that will highlight your wedding. Below are three simple wedding photography tips to help you capture all those great moments during the cake cutting ceremony.

Choose a stunning cake design. When it comes to choosing your wedding cake, don’t go for anything less than a stunning design. A beautiful stacked cake that makes a statement will not only add to your wedding décor but it will also look great in photos.

In this age of Internet technology, you don’t have to walk from one local bakery to the next in search of your perfect wedding cake. You can find many bakers online and order a wedding cake from the comfort of your own home.

Take your time when looking at various cake designs. A custom made wedding cake will make up for some unique photos. Just make sure that it matches your overall wedding theme.

Capture the most important moments of the cake cutting ceremony. The tradition of cutting wedding cakes dates back to the Roman Times. This ceremony remains popular even in modern culture because of the meanings behind it.

For instance, when the bride and groom feed each other cake, this symbolizes their commitment to take care of one another. In addition, the groom usually places his hand over the bride’s hand when cutting the cake as a sign of his promise to take care of her and their children.

The custom of cutting from the bottom tier is also encouraged so that couples can symbolize the longevity of their union.

Make sure to have all of these special moments in photos so that they can serve as special reminders of your wedding.

Choose the perfect setting and location. Lastly, make sure to choose the location of your wedding cake photo shoot carefully. Select a reception area that offers plenty of natural light.

With the proper positioning, your photographer can use highlight and shadow areas created by natural light to bring out more texture in your wedding cake photos.

Many couples make the mistake of not giving much thought to their wedding cake photography session only to regret later when they end up with less than stunning photos. Remember that there is a lot you can do to provide your  photographer with great shots when the time to cut cake arrives.

Take a proactive approach with the tips shared above to make your wedding pictures stand out.

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