Tips For Planning Your Wedding Jewelry Photo Shooting Session

Wedding jewelry photographs are some of the best images you can take during your engagement proposal or your wedding day. For many brides, it is not only a good chance to document life moments but also a good opportunity to capture the best images they will remember or share with their friends for years to come.

However, capturing beautiful images of your engagement rings, loose diamonds or any other wedding jewelry has never been easy for some soon-to-be couples. Several mistakes are likely to happen, the reason you need to hire the best wedding photographer to do the job for you.

If you have one already, here are few tips you need to keep in mind when planning for your wedding jewelry photo shooting session.

Keep all of the things clean. When you purchase your engagement rings from a jewelry store, it doesn’t mean that they are clean and ready to be worn. Some of them may have dust, fingerprints or any other dirt which you must clean prior to capturing their photos.

Always use a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe them clean and then blow a blast of air to remove any remaining dust. You also need to keep the photography studio or the shooting area clean and free of unwanted stuff in the background.

Remember that lighting is everything. The best place to capture your wedding jewelry is in the indoors. However, most of these places are dimly lit so you are pretty much guaranteed low-quality images.

To improve the image results, you need to arrange your items near the window or door to utilize the incoming natural lights. You need to trust natural light because most of the bulbs may introduce unwanted colors on these images.

Find the best reflective surfaces. Most of the locations for capturing wedding jewelry may not have reflective surfaces. You need to make sure that you have reflective surfaces prior to inviting your wedding photographer.

Using a reflective surface not only shows a reflection of your jewelry but also allows you to mix up the items you place on that surface.

Include a lot of extras into the jewelry. During the shooting session, it is also a good idea to incorporate other things into the jewelry arrangements. You can incorporate your favorite pets or anything you adore most.

Also to produce beautiful shots from your wedding jewelry photography, make sure to incorporate a simple background without any distraction.