Tips To Make Your Wedding Cake Photography Session Memorable

The cake cutting session is one of the most enjoyable parts of the wedding reception. If you have decided to add this time-honored tradition to your big day, it’s important to make sure that you get the most out of it.

And, what better way to do so than taking great photos that will highlight your wedding. Below are three simple wedding photography tips to help you capture all those great moments during the cake cutting ceremony.

Choose a stunning cake design. When it comes to choosing your wedding cake, don’t go for anything less than a stunning design. A beautiful stacked cake that makes a statement will not only add to your wedding décor but it will also look great in photos.

In this age of Internet technology, you don’t have to walk from one local bakery to the next in search of your perfect wedding cake. You can find many bakers online and order a wedding cake from the comfort of your own home.

Take your time when looking at various cake designs. A custom made wedding cake will make up for some unique photos. Just make sure that it matches your overall wedding theme.

Capture the most important moments of the cake cutting ceremony. The tradition of cutting wedding cakes dates back to the Roman Times. This ceremony remains popular even in modern culture because of the meanings behind it.

For instance, when the bride and groom feed each other cake, this symbolizes their commitment to take care of one another. In addition, the groom usually places his hand over the bride’s hand when cutting the cake as a sign of his promise to take care of her and their children.

The custom of cutting from the bottom tier is also encouraged so that couples can symbolize the longevity of their union.

Make sure to have all of these special moments in photos so that they can serve as special reminders of your wedding.

Choose the perfect setting and location. Lastly, make sure to choose the location of your wedding cake photo shoot carefully. Select a reception area that offers plenty of natural light.

With the proper positioning, your photographer can use highlight and shadow areas created by natural light to bring out more texture in your wedding cake photos.

Many couples make the mistake of not giving much thought to their wedding cake photography session only to regret later when they end up with less than stunning photos. Remember that there is a lot you can do to provide your  photographer with great shots when the time to cut cake arrives.

Take a proactive approach with the tips shared above to make your wedding pictures stand out.

Capturing Delicious Photos Of Your Fried Turkey Wedding Dinner

If you’re in the process of planning the details of your big day, it’s well worth selecting main courses for your wedding reception and organizing your wedding photography. As a significant portion of your wedding budget will need to be allocated to your photographer and your caterers.

If you plan on discussing your specifications for your wedding photography with your photographer, ensure to talk about photographing your reception. Including, your main courses.

After all, if you’re going to spend several hundred dollars on a main course, which will blow your wedding guests away, it pays to have photographs. To look back on, in the years to come.

Here are some tips on how to photograph your mouth watering, fried turkey.

Have your caterers keep in contact with your photographer. When it comes to discussing your big day with your wedding caterers, ask your caters to text your photographer 15 minutes before your turkey is served. That way your busy wedding photographer can plan to take photos of your fried turkey, before it is served.

After all, as soon as your guests smell your expertly cooked fried turkey, you’ll only have a small window, before your fried turkey disappears.

If there are any delays in the kitchen, your caterers can text your photographer to let them know. As that way your photographer can keep themselves busy by taking photographs of your guests, instead of waiting around.

Ask for a photograph of your turkey before it is carved up. It’s worth taking a photo of your fried turkey before it’s carved up. As well as a plate of fried turkey, which has been plated up for one of your guests to enjoy.

You may even want to place your turkey on a silver platter, to ensure that it’s photographed professionally.

Get a few photos of your guests enjoying their turkey. Your wedding photographer can also take photos of various tables, enjoying their fried turkey main. Just ensure, that your photographer times their photos carefully and doesn’t take photos of your guests chewing with their mouths full.

So if you plan on tying the knot in a few months, it’s well worth talking to your wedding photographer about capturing photos of your fried turkey. Also ensure, to talk to your caterers, so that they can contact your photographer before your turkey is about to be served.

Lastly, make sure that you get to try and least one piece of succulent turkey, on your wedding day!


Capturing Your Limo Ride Is A Key Element of Your Wedding Photography

If you’re in the process of planning your big day and are looking to hire a professional photographer, it’s well worth talking to your chosen photographer about capturing your limo ride to the altar. Or your first limo ride to your hotel as newlyweds.

Here are a few tips on capturing stunning wedding photos during your limousine ride to the altar.

Make sure to ask for photographs of you stepping into your limousine. The first shots your photographer should take, should be of you and your bridal party hopping into your luxury limousine. So that you have exterior shots of your limo.

Ensure that your photographer rides with you and your bridal party. When hiring a limo rental service, ensure that you choose a limo that has enough room for your photographer as well as your bridal party.

They will be able to take plenty of photos which will show all the emotions that you’ll go through, on your way to the altar. Such as any excitement or nerves which will be on display.

Your photographer will also be able to take stunning photos of your dress, sprawled out on the seat of your limo and you and your bridal party enjoying pre wedding glasses of champagne.

When you arrive at your venue, let your photographer get out first. When you arrive at your destination, let your photographer get out to take photos of you and your bridal party exiting your limo. As your arrival at your chosen venue, is one of the key moments of your wedding day.

Ask your photographer to take extra shots of your limo pulled up outside your venue. Whether you are tying the knot at a vineyard, a church or a hotel, it’s well worth getting your chosen photographer to take photos of your limo outside your venue.

Also consider documenting your guests journeys to your wedding. If you’re considering hiring a party bus rental service, to transport your guests to your wedding venue, it’s all well worth hiring a secondary photography, to capture photos.

As it will be nice to look back at how excited your family members and close friends were to see you exchange vows, with your spouse.

Make sure to get photos taken as you leave your wedding reception. If you plan on hiring a limo to pick you and your spouse up at the end of your reception, make sure your wedding photographer is still at hand, to document your departure.

So if you’re currently organizing wedding photography, ensure to talk to your chosen photographer about capturing your limo ride, to your venue.


Memorable Photographs of Your Wedding Limo Ride

What is the ideal mode of wedding transportation? Without any second thought, the straightforward answer is a “luxury limousine ride”.

Your wedding day is very special and it’s a notable experience. Clearly, you wish to enjoy your wedding celebration to the fullest and always remember/recall those special memories with a smile. That’s why most people tend to hire wedding limo rental service to make their special day enjoyable, delightful, and fun-filled.

A wedding limousine service will add a special touch of indulgence and luxury to your celebration. A luxury limo ride to the wedding venue also adds to your convenience since you do not have to drive the car on your own. Instead, you can leave all driving responsibilities and parking hassles on the chauffeur.

Nevertheless, luxurious limousine cars are meant to offer the wedding couples an extremely royal treatment. These vehicles are an excellent symbol of style, class, richness, and sophistication.

That is why a limo rental service can definitely make your special day even more pleasant and memorable.

This is primarily because limos are specifically equipped with a bunch of advanced amenities, for example, comfy seats, modern infotainment and next-gen entertainment systems, romantic music players, DVD/LCD players, exotic flower decoration, red carpet services, champagne counter, and temperature control systems.

All of these aforementioned facilities will make your ride comfortable and enjoyable. In fact, the upholstery of these wedding limos is distinctive from any other common car facilities. Therefore, wedding limos can really offer the bride and the entire party a real feeling of elegance, superiority, and refinement.

The best part is that limousines can be used to accommodate both the wedding couples and the entire bridal party. Most of the wedding limo cars can easily accommodate a total of twelve riders. Other than that, you can hire a party bus rental service in order to accommodate an entire wedding party.

Your wedding day can be pretty much stressful. And, a pre-booked limo rental service will essentially take away all your last-minute headaches and worries. Furthermore, all your guests will be dropped to your wedding reception venue on-time.

With this, you’ve already revealed sufficient information that proves why you must consider hiring a limo rental service as the primary mode of your wedding transportation. On top of that, you are also recommended to hire an experienced photographer who’ll capture photographs of your wedding limo ride.

While reviewing and choosing a wedding photography portfolio, please ask your photographer team if they will cover photographs of your limo ride. You have already spent a good chunk of money for hiring a limo service, a professional chauffeur, and flower decoration etc.

Hence, do not forget to capture every rare and unique moment of your romantic limo ride so that you can cherish those memories later.


Amazing Photographs At Your Hotel Resort Wedding

If you have your heart set on tying the knot at a luxurious resort, simply continue reading to discover few gorgeous hotel or resort locations, which make great backdrops for your wedding photography.

Have you thought of the beach? If you choose to exchange your vows at a beach side resort, it’s well worth hiking up your wedding dress or suit trousers, in order to take romantic wedding photos on the beach.

As an example, you may want to ask your wedding photographer to take a photo of yourself and your new spouse holding hands, facing the ocean.

If your chosen resort boasts a beautifully maintained garden, you may want to seriously consider hosting your post wedding ceremony photo shoot in your resort’s garden. As an example, you may want to get a photograph of yourself kissing your new spouse in front of a water features such as a waterfall or a pond.

Are you ready for the ballroom wedding? If you choose to host your wedding ceremony or reception in an elegant hotel ballroom, it’s well worth taking photographs posing underneath a crystal chandelier.

Alternatively, if you’re a keen dancing, you may want to get your photographer to take a photo of you and your spouse waltzing across the ballroom. If you plan to host your wedding at a resort, chances are that your chosen resort will boast an ornate, majestic staircase.

Which can double as the perfect backdrop for a romantic photograph. Just ensure, that there aren’t any guests walking up or down the staircase, when you go in for a romantic kiss.

Some resorts, especially destination resorts, boast small wedding chapels. Even if you choose to host your nuptials in a resort ballroom or garden, you may want to pose for a quick photo outside your resort’s chapel.

Most resorts feature palatial looking buildings, so it’s well worth posing for a photograph outside the main building of your chosen resort. Which is also an ideal location to take group shots of your wedding party.

You can’t go wrong getting a few photos of yourself and your new spouse enjoying a glass or two of champagne, overlooking a gorgeous scenic view on the balcony.

So if you have your heart on choosing a hotel or resort as your wedding venue, simply refer back to the list above, for your wedding photography inspiration. The above locations could be the best locales for every hotel resort wedding.


Capturing Memorable Photographs Of Your Wedding Dinner

If you’re in the process of planning your big day, you may be on the hunt for a professional photography studio, which can document the highlights of your big day.

While, getting your wedding photographer to take photos of your wedding ceremony and your bridal party, may be a no brainer, it’s also worth talking to your photographer about capturing photos from your wedding reception or dinner.

Let us look at some reasons why it is worth capturing memories from your wedding dinner.

You’ll want to document the amazing dishes that your caterers create. After spending a small fortune on a reputable wedding catering service, you’ll want to ensure that you have photos of each course that your guests are served.

If you spend hundreds of dollars on your dream wedding cake, you’ll also want to make sure that you have professional photos of your wedding cake. Before your hungry guests, dig into your wedding cake.

You’ll capture candid moments of yourself and your spouse interacting with your guests. The real purpose of a wedding is to celebrate the love which you share with your closest family and friends.

So, it’s well worth paying for your photographer, to stick around after your wedding ceremony, in order to take heart warming photographs of you celebrating your wedding with your loved ones.

As an example, your photographer may capture a photo of you dancing with your relatives or laughing with one of your best friends. So if you’d love to look back at candid moments which you’ll share with your favorite people in the world, it’s well worth organizing for a wedding photographer to photograph your wedding dinner.

A lot of “firsts” occur during your wedding dinner. It’s well worth having your chosen wedding photographer take photos of your speeches as well as your first dance as husband and wife. Your photographer can also take professional photos of your bouquet toss and the cutting of your wedding cake.

You’ll be less nervous at your wedding dinner, then your wedding ceremony. While it’s important to capture the big moments of your wedding ceremony, many married couples cherish their wedding dinner photos over the photos from their wedding ceremony.

As they appear far more relaxed and happy at their wedding ceremony. As it’s common to feel nervous, exchanging vows in-front of hundreds of wedding guests.

So, when it comes time to discuss your wedding photography with your chosen photography, make sure to discuss your wedding dinner photography options.


What A Successful Wedding Catering Photography Event Needs

Weddings create the best memories for all married couple and are there to last a lifetime. Capturing all magical moments require an excellent photographer. Wedding photography capturing the couple celebrating some tasty Crawfish food in a Cajun restaurant can be quite spectacular.

Hiring an exceptional wedding catering event photographer is becoming a new trend in the contemporary world. For a fantastic dinner in a Cajun Restaurant, the photographer should capture the Crawfish dinner with friends and family and every other delicious moment.

The world is flourishing fast with very many creative photographers and therefore acquiring an exceedingly talented photographer to capture your event should be easy. Your wedding is your big day and getting a photographer who tickles your fancy, take them through all the details that you feel are important for your event.

Also, make sure they know the sentimental value the images of the day will hold in your life. It is true when photographers say that a wedding ceremony is the most stressful event to cover.

Weddings are a once in a lifetime events which are very important to a couple and cannot be restaged. Everything done on this day should be right.

For catering photography to be successful, the couple should research on a quality catering service for their wedding. However, there usually cases where after securing your dream wedding venue, you find out that the package does not include catering services.

Booking a caterer for your wedding should be an exciting and straightforward process when you choose a good one. Highly qualified caterers with many numerous recommendations are the best to hire to make sure your guests enjoy a mouthful of happiness.

After checking the availability of the caterer you choose, choose creative food displays for fantastic wedding photographs.

Caterers are expected to cooperate with the photographer to capture the most exciting pictures of the dishes. This should be a fascinating process for the photographer as long as the caterer involved is a good one. The wedding photographer should also capture fantastic food photographs by getting down low to the plate level.

Many photographers get it wrong when taking shots of food by looking down on a plate directly above. A better shot can be taken by aiming close to a level slightly above the plate. Most people want amazing photos of their dishes which are highlighted with different elements.

With an excellent catering service and an excellent photographer, you are all ready for the wedding.


Tips For Planning Your Wedding Jewelry Photo Shooting Session

Wedding jewelry photographs are some of the best images you can take during your engagement proposal or your wedding day. For many brides, it is not only a good chance to document life moments but also a good opportunity to capture the best images they will remember or share with their friends for years to come.

However, capturing beautiful images of your engagement rings, loose diamonds or any other wedding jewelry has never been easy for some soon-to-be couples. Several mistakes are likely to happen, the reason you need to hire the best wedding photographer to do the job for you.

If you have one already, here are few tips you need to keep in mind when planning for your wedding jewelry photo shooting session.

Keep all of the things clean. When you purchase your engagement rings from a jewelry store, it doesn’t mean that they are clean and ready to be worn. Some of them may have dust, fingerprints or any other dirt which you must clean prior to capturing their photos.

Always use a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe them clean and then blow a blast of air to remove any remaining dust. You also need to keep the photography studio or the shooting area clean and free of unwanted stuff in the background.

Remember that lighting is everything. The best place to capture your wedding jewelry is in the indoors. However, most of these places are dimly lit so you are pretty much guaranteed low-quality images.

To improve the image results, you need to arrange your items near the window or door to utilize the incoming natural lights. You need to trust natural light because most of the bulbs may introduce unwanted colors on these images.

Find the best reflective surfaces. Most of the locations for capturing wedding jewelry may not have reflective surfaces. You need to make sure that you have reflective surfaces prior to inviting your wedding photographer.

Using a reflective surface not only shows a reflection of your jewelry but also allows you to mix up the items you place on that surface.

Include a lot of extras into the jewelry. During the shooting session, it is also a good idea to incorporate other things into the jewelry arrangements. You can incorporate your favorite pets or anything you adore most.

Also to produce beautiful shots from your wedding jewelry photography, make sure to incorporate a simple background without any distraction.

Tips For Hiring A Professional Wedding Jewelry Photographer

Wedding photography that captures a breathtaking view of your wedding jewelry is undoubtedly a popular trend. Apart from making sure you hit the jewelry store and purchase the most elegant pieces or have them custom made.

You need to equally invest in your wedding jewelry photography. Wedding jewelry photography is different from traditional photography in a number of ways.

Jewelry photography requires a specialized macro-close lens, sophisticated camera equipment, proper background lightingand relevant photography skills.

A professional wedding photographer is supposed to arrange a dedicated session for shooting engagement rings, couple pedants and loose diamonds. It is worth mentioning that loose diamond photography has become very popular among couples.

The main aim of the photographer is to flaunt the shapes, various colors and shade of diamonds and other jewelry.

In light of the above, how then does one hire a professional wedding jewelry photographer who will capture those memorable moments? The following steps will bring guide you towards hiring your ideal photographer.

Put down all the aspects of your wedding that you would like to be incorporated into the jewelry photography. Then carry out a thorough research of all available photographers that are offering these services.

Get recommendations from friends and family. The internet could also be a source of valuable information.

Arrange a face to face meeting with prospective photographers where you will be able to gauge the level of their skills. Communicate your expectations and preferences to them and find out if they can meet them.

You shouldn’t hesitate to ask as many questions as possible you should also insist on seeing their portfolios to evaluate their experience level.

After clearly understanding your expectations and preferences each photographer should be able to come up with a quote. Compare the various packages at your disposal and settle at the most reasonable one.

You might want to spend more time comparing the packages because the differences between them may be very small. They should inform you about the number of photographs they will take, their amount of resolution et al.

Based on your personal taste and your wedding budget choose the most appropriate one.

It is worth noting that the process of choosing a jewelry photographer should be done early to allow enough time hire the best person for the job and avoid last minute rush and panic.

If you follow these steps you can be assured that the heavy investment you made on the precious ornaments will give returns by making your big day a memorable through the professionally taken photos.


Why It Is Worth Investing In A Bridal Dress Photography Session

The day you first try on your wedding dress, will be one of the most memorable days in your life. So it’s well worth talking to a photographer at a reputable photography studio about capturing your very first fitting at a bridal store.

Why it’s worth investing in a fun bridal dress photography session. You’ll be able to look back at the first time you saw yourself, wearing your wedding dress, in the mirror.

Each bride has a different reaction when she sees herself in her wedding dress. Some brides beam from ear to ear, while other brides cry with joy.

As a bonus, you’ll be able to document your mom and your best friend’s reactions. When you walk out of your fitting room in each wedding gown. You’ll be able to document a special day, shared with the closest women, in your life.

Most brides invite the special women in their lives to share their experience with them. So if you plan on inviting your mom, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and close friends to your wedding, it’s well worth having a photographer take professional shots of the candid moments which will occur, during your wedding fitting.

Some bridal boutiques even put on canapes and drinks for groups of women who attend bridal fittings together. You’ll be able to share photos of your wedding fitting with your husband, after your wedding

While it may be bad luck for your groom to see you in your wedding dress before you walk down the aisle, your husband will love being able to share your experience of finding your wedding dress. By looking back at your professional photos from your bridal dress photography session together.

You’ll have photos of yourself in the wedding dresses, that you passed up on. While you may want to purchase half the dresses that you try on, chances are that you’ll only get to wear one or two wedding dresses on your big day.

However, with a professional photographer at hand during your fitting, you’ll be able to take photographs of yourself posing in each of the wedding dresses, that you fall in love with.

So if you’re in the process of organizing your wedding photography, it’s well worth talking to your photographer about hosting a fun, relaxed bridal dress photography session. After all, every woman feels like a princess, when she first tries on her wedding dress and it’s well worth documenting your reaction, for all your friends and family members to see.